Empty Mirror

The world spins as I stand in complete darkness, the ground vibrating with each passing second. An oval mirror from my far left suddenly zooms to me, forcing me to look at myself.

Except I’m not there.

I place my hand on the glass mirror – blank and pure dark – until another hand from the other side of the glass holds mine.

A deathly cold hand.

That looks like my own. And I’m scared if I go closer, there’ll be some woman on the other side that appears, empty look in her face, devoid of life in her eyes – an empty shell. But I know this is true.

Because I am my own ghost who can no longer recognize myself.



Everywhere he touched me burns.

The air I breathe in is cold fire.

I dread the times he returns.

He says only I quench his desire.

The flowers have long ago wilted.

In my dreams, he still haunts me.

Despite my rejections and pleas, he persisted.

The nights are burned in my memory.

Soon, everything was skewed.

I no longer remembered who I was

before this life with a man so crude.

I live in submission, just as he wants.

But then you saved me when you came.

And we watched as my prison burned in flames.


Th y s y I m  rok n. T ey  ay I wi l n ever be p iz d bec use  f wh I am. I  m w ste. Garb ge. T ash.

I  m sc rs  nd bro  n pi ces. O ly a fr  tion  f a p rs n.  ’m n t w rthy to st nd b for  o hers.

A d to  hem I  ay ok y.  ut at  east I  m n t th m, wh  see t ems lves ab ve  thers, who bel  ve s me   re  ess t an hum n. Th y th mse ves  re  he m nst rs. It  s t ey  ho a e…


They say I’m broken. They say I will never be prized because of who I am. I am waste. Garbage. Trash.

I am scars and broken pieces. Only a fraction of a person. I’m not worthy to stand before others.

Is what they say.

And to them I say okay. But at least I am not them, who see themselves above others, who believe some are less than human. They themselves are the monsters. It is they who are…

In  m le e.

Yeah… I used a different font so the spacing is all the same, but some of the words get broken up in the first part. Oh well. 😅

Music While I Write

Some people like the sound of silence. Others like the sound of the clicking on their keyboards. And others might like music, like me. 🎶

For background noise, you can easily search something like firewood crackling, rain, thunder, white noise, etc. But there are also websites that allow you to play background noise, such as, https://asoftmurmur.com/ (you can use this one to mix up different ambient sounds) and https://www.calm.com/meditate (I’ve seen this one since I was in middle school since my teacher would put it up on the projector screen since it also has nice backgrounds to calm us down while we stressed over classwork. Since you’re writing, you might not appreciate the background, but looking at it really is calming if you want to think or meditate. 😁)

Usually when I write, I don’t like listening to words because it distracts me. And if I do listen to words while I write, it’s a song in a language I don’t understand. I tend to listen to piano when I write now. You can find great music – for studying, writing, etc. – on https://www.youtube.com/user/StudyMusicProject. Dennis Kuo’s music is amazing. Trust me, when I got bored of listening to rain and winds and storms and oceans and everything else, I found his YouTube channel.

For intense scenes or just any scene that needs more motivation, I go to MusicalBasics’s YouTube channel. This guy… I… There’s really no words for this guy’s talent. My favorite video from him is:

(if the video doesn’t show, the link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35VE9WykH1c)

And, of course, being the girl raised with a bunch of anime from childhood, I also listen to different songs from a bunch of anime. And by songs, I mean the instrumental part of it, of course. Sometimes I listen to the opening songs with words, but I mostly listen to instrumentals. Theister’s channel on YouTube is pretty good with a variety of instrumental anime music.

Finally, just a few more suggestions for other music you might want to listen to while writing, there’s Studio Ghibli piano music you can listen to, classical music, the playlists on Google Music (I find this helpful so you don’t have to search for new songs all the time or make your own playlist). Now then…