I hear the air swish all around me, and in seconds, I’m falling down a bottomless pit. I close my eyes as I make my descent, and I don’t bother reaching out towards something that could stop me from falling.

No one at the top bothers to help me. No one wishes to save me. No one will grab me.

No one will save the nobody.

I’ve been pushed, and I’ve been pulled. The only thing those people want up there is for me to fall in a deeper hole. They want to make sure that I never get back up, but they don’t kill me either. They want me to suffer as I fall, to feel hope escaping my grasp. Never in my life have I felt so abandoned.

I open my eyes after what seem like years, and I realize something I never knew before. I don’t need them. They don’t need me.

I smile–a close maniacal one–as I realize this. I feel like a lunatic, but I don’t care anymore. Those people have taken away my reason, but I have the power to give it back to myself.

The reason I’ll stand this fall is because the deeper you fall, the higher you rise.

I won’t give up and say it’s over. I grab onto a rock near the edge of this hole. No one can save me except me. I can rise on my own and take over the world. So what if they push me into a deeper hole, full of problems that choke and terrorize me? As long as I remember that I have power to rise, I will.

As you can probably tell from this, I’m not that much of a writer. It probably has a lot to do with me not reading a lot. XD

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