“Hide the eggs!” my mom yells as my sister and I go around in the backyard with at least a dozen of cascarones (eggs with confetti inside). Our mom already hid a dozen of them in the most obvious of places–the pots of the plants (seriously?)

Without speaking, my sister and I have already divided the backyard between the both of us. She hides cascarones on the left, and I hide them on the right.

It feels weird to be doing this, especially since I’m sixteen, but I don’t care. I just want to feel the joy of finding an egg and cracking it on my sister. I hide the eggs in obvious places too but with some minor twist. I put the egg between two wires, in a vase, and a pink one on the grass next to a bush full of pink flowers.

After running out of good places to hide the eggs, I just threw a bunch of them somewhere in the grass since it was extremely hot (yeah, thanks a lot, weather channel, for telling us there’ll be thunderstorms during Easter).

My sister and I run after each of us finished hiding the cascarones. Both of us forgot at least half of our hiding places but managed to come up with a somewhat equal amount of eggs in the end. Later, however, I realize she forgot some of my eggs that I hid in between the wire, behind pieces of wood, and the pink one with the flowers XD.

Crack! My sister cracks the egg over my head. Even though she’s twelve, she’s tall because of basketball.

Crack! Crack! Both of us leave confetti all over our dog.

“Rocky!” my sister yells. “Come on! You promised a water balloon fight!”

Why did I raise my sister to be so… whatever. I love my sister for being my sister, and if she wants a water balloon fight, fine.

“Coming!” I scream.

I go outside in the blazing heat and watch my sister fill up yellow water balloons.

“I’m going to get the goggles,” I say to get out of the heat.

It hits my sister that we’re going swimming. “Check the chlorine,” she adds.

“I did it a while ago–you check it.” (Even though she checked it last time.)

I say nothing and look for the goggles, fail, and end up getting new ones that our mom found.

Our mom goes outside, warning us not to lose those newer, more expensive goggles and not to burn ourselves in the sun and that the sunscreen is right there and that the dog will smell if she’s outside too long and–the list goes on for a while.

“It’s hot outside,” I say when my mom finishes. I look at the pool. The chlorine’s fine, and I guess the temperature’s fine…

“What? What’s going on?” my sister questions.

“Hmm…” I mutter. I put my glasses down. “First, I have to take off my glasses…”

My sister follows me when I go closer to the pool.

“Are you going to jump–”

“It’s hot outside!!!” I yell as I jump in the pool.

My sister follows my lead and immediately gets out. “It’s cold!!”

After a while of getting used to the water and popping balloons, my sister and I decide to take a shower.

“Quick shower! QUICK SHOWER!” I scream as we get in.

“What?” my sister wonders.

“Quick shower!!” I repeat.

My sister falls down.

“Why did you slip? I said, ‘Quick shower!'” I scream.

She gets up, laughing. “I feel too slippery.”

Seconds later, she falls down.

“Woman, what do you not understand about a quick shower? Quick. Shower,” I say. At this point, the door opens, and our dog sniffs my sister’s head.

My sister laughs again as she gets up. “I said it’s slippery!”

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up,” I say, thinking about Life Alert. My sister nearly explodes in laughter and almost falls down again.

After falling for the third time, I couldn’t stop from saying, “R. fell for the third time.”

At this, my sister burst in laughter as I got out of the shower. I look at the time and realized we took a really quick shower.

“Hey, R., we beat W.’s time,” I say. W. is one of my best friend’s little brother. My sister laughs again.

Oh, what an Easter.

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