My Future

My mind is set in a downward spiral as I am surrounded by several seniors from high school. We all set off in a journey for our state competition the next day, and instead of thinking about my upcoming interview, I’m thinking about my future.

All the seniors talk about their hardships and how they are all worried and nervous for what university or college they want to apply to. Will they accept them? Will they do well? Are they even good enough?

They talk about what they want for their future. What did they want? What career will they pursue? Did they even finish their homework for next Monday? ( XD nah, I worry about that too…)

They talk about their past experiences. Remember their previous teachers and how terrible they were? Remember how hard that last test was? Remember how stressing that teacher was that you just want to walk out of the room?

I’m still a sophomore. I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what my job will be, and I don’t know how bright my future might be. I don’t know what the next school year will be like or what classes I should ignore. Their anxiety strikes me. Never had I thought that as a senior, you would clam up in worry about what college you should aspire towards. (I learned that a junior worries more than a senior, but then again, maybe that’s true)

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