Black Raven

Bam! In seconds, she falls to the ground, not even bothering to look up at her father standing before her.

He has embarrassed her in front of the entire military academy, but he doesn’t care.

His name is Roy, and he’s the only military commander of the kingdom. Ever since he became the commander when he was ten years old, no other battle was fought against that kingdom since they all know how powerful Roy is.

Always wanting a son, he was somewhat disappointed when he had a daughter. Being a prominent military commander, he was also disappointed since his daughter never used violence and is still clueless as to how to use a gun. As a father, he hated how his daughter, Raven, dyed her hair black and cut it short; for being low and weak in the academy; and for falling in the arms of a boy to save her during a simulated battle.

Now in his twenties, he just slapped his daughter. “For being the lowest,” is all he says.

Disappointment runs through Roy’s head as he watches how his daughter falls to the ground just from the impact of the attack. Maybe that’s why he never revealed her true identity to the rest of the world.

She will never be my daughter, Roy thinks quietly to himself, trying to push that thought away, but it always comes back, especially in moments so pathetic like these.

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