All I am is someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Everyone expects me to do something–anything, no… everything.

How do you expect me to be a perfect student, a perfect daughter, a perfect child, and a perfect friend? All this perfection is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Yet I pull through. You know why?

I put on so many costumes and so many masks to hide what I really feel. What you see in me is not what I am.

I want to be able to cry like a normal person. I want to have a life like a normal person. I want to be able to do everything like a normal person because perfection is suffocating.

I should be able to cry. I should be able to make mistakes. But would you accept me?

You think it’s easy to be me, but it’s not. I wish you would still accept me if I’m imperfect–the real me.

I’m only a girl in a silly red sheet…

…pretending to be super when she’s not.

One thought on “Superman

  1. If this is one of your Functionary Pieces it is Great!
    It expresses what so many of us feel at different stages in our Lives.
    If it is a part of your Real Self though, it would be comforting to consider that YOU must be Happy with what/who you are and what You accept for Yourself.
    Others may accept of us only what suits them but which makes us uncomfortable and have difficulty to accept.
    In my long life i have found that true change comes only when we are ready for it and either accept inside or come to recognise that we need to change something – not for Others but for Ourselves.

    Whatever the case, Real of Functionary, this is a Nice Entry!


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