School’s Out!!! …Not

I am so frustrated right now. While everyone is enjoying their summer vacation, my school district of a handful of schools won’t get out until next Thursday. We have finals all week next week, beginning at 9 on Monday, ending at 2 on Thursday. (We have an hour before each final exam to cram, and we get out early 😀 …but that’s probably the few of the great things of the final exam schedule.)

My sister is out. My cousin (in college, so it’s understandable) has been out for at least two weeks. All of my city has finished school. All cities within the southern part of my state… is out.

There is only us–the oddball school promising a better future.

What do I plan to do in summer?

I need to study. I need to do summer reading (usually, it’s three books and assignments; sometimes we even have to watch a movie and do an assignment). I need to go to some summer program that’s supposedly beneficial for me. I might volunteer at the hospital… or the animal shelter… or some other place. My point? Even if it’s summer, I’m still busy, especially by doing history homework.

What are the good things? I get to stay away from school. No more waking up at 6 in the morning, and no more coming home at 5 or 6! I can just put my homework aside for a moment and watch TV or find something worthwhile to do. I can just jump in my pool if it gets hot. I can bike around my neighborhood and feel free. I can stay over at my cousin’s house, play a game of extreme sidewalk (I made that up a while ago; your feet are basically separated wide apart and you end up having to make all these weird poses to get the right foot in the right box and the left foot in the left box), or something like that.

Hopefully I’ll be excited for summer! What’s weird is that I get super excited when my cousin and sister get out for vacation, but when it’s my turn… I just go to sleep. I remember last year, everyone was running and spraying silly string all over the pavilion. I remember walking there, just looking up calmly, thinking about how sad it is that the janitors would have to clean it up. It was even worse when I realized that the janitors, who are also our bus drivers, would have to drive us home (a five minute-trip to about an hour… and the trip back) and come back to our mess. Yeah, that just bummed me out last year. There’s no way I’m taking that route again this year.

Well, whether you’re still in school or not, have a fantastic day 😀 ! (and wish me luck on my finals… especially since the first one would be algebra 😣)



My bus picks us up late–again. That’s twice this year. It never happened last year. So, guess what, I go to my home high school late before going home late.

I look through the tinted windows of the car to take a good look at the driver. The only thought that made it through my head is this–Mom is going to yell at me before I get the chance to explain that I took a nap in the bus so I couldn’t call her and warn her about my late arrival.

To my surprise, I find a man there. I open the door. “Father? Father?”

My dad looks at me with those shades and few bits of hair. Yep, this is Dad. I call him “Father” for fun every now and then. (It’s better than calling him Daddy-o when up until I was around 7, when I realized other kids don’t call their dads “Daddy-o”)

“I thought it would be Mother to pick me up,” I explain, keeping with the theme and calling my mom “Mother” instead.

“Oh yeah?” Dad asks.

We drive home, my mom calling a minute after I get in the car. I knew it–she wants to know what’s going on. I almost laugh as my dad answers the phone.

They speak in Tagalog, my parents’ native language. They both learned English and Tagalog in the Philippines, but when they came to the States, they had to learn Spanish. My mom had an interpreter for a couple years until she somewhat learned, but my dad learned through TV Spanish novelas (I tell that story to my Spanish teachers all the time, and I instantly get on their good side).

They never taught me Tagalog. They taught me English, thinking Tagalog is too hard for me. Nevertheless, I was able to pick up some words. I was even able to accurately (most of the time) translate my parents (unless they’re using figures of speech, which is hard to translate when you never formally learned the language). I honestly only know the basics of that language. My younger sister, on the other hand, didn’t learn.

“Hi, mom!” I yell after I quickly translate what Dad is saying. The phone is so loud that I can hear my mom on the other line too. She was wondering why we weren’t home yet and that she was already hungry.

“Rocky just got here,” my dad says (in Tagalog).

“What?” my mom questions. (She’s really hard of hearing)

My dad hands me the phone, and I talk to Mom.

We go home, and I quickly walk to the dinner table to find that my mom, sister, and grandparents are already seated and eating. I turn on the lights, asking, “Why are the lights off?”

They don’t answer but just continue eating.

Minutes later, my sister gets up, picking up her plate.

“Are you done?” Dad asks as she puts the plate in the sink.

She heats some microwavable food. She didn’t like the leftovers. She turns on the TV–the microwave alarm goes off. She doesn’t get up from the couch.

“Whatever you put in the microwave is ready!” Dad announces as my sister gets up. Then she sits on the couch and watches TV.

I never said that understanding what my parents talked about was a blessing but a curse. I always wanted to know what they said, but when I started translating in third grade, there were some things I didn’t want to hear.

Things like:

“Rocky, you see that boy over there? He’d be good as your boyfriend.”

“Rocky is very smart. She knows Tagalog–we didn’t even teach her!”

“Your grandfather cannot hear me! I’m sick and tired of him!”

Plus a bunch of other things…

And now:

“The little girl (my sister) is not responding to me.”

“I know.”

“I can’t talk to her.”

“She wouldn’t even thank me for giving her those two tacos you gave me this morning.”


“No. Whenever I give her something, she doesn’t say anything. I say, ‘Delicious?’ And she won’t respond. She doesn’t respond ever.”

“I can’t even talk to her in the morning!”

“I can’t have a conversation with her,” my grandmother jumps in.

They pile more and more complaints about my sister as she watches TV. She really can’t understand them…

“Hello, hello!” I yell, trying to draw the focus to me instead. I don’t like listening to things like that, and the TV isn’t loud enough for me to ignore and not translate the conversation.

My dad looks at me. “She isn’t like this girl (me).”

“No, she’s nothing like her.”

“This girl (me) is nice, but the other little girl (my sister) is not.”

Sometimes, I feel that my parents constantly compare my sister and me. She doesn’t like it, and even though it’s sort of good for me, I don’t like it. It’s bad enough that I could understand. Then again, just as this family isn’t really fair, I’m reminded: Life isn’t fair. You don’t always get what you want.

A Drawing

Yes, I know I have no creativity when I make titles. XD

I didn’t know what to post today, so…


TA DA!!! I just finished this a couple days ago. And yes, this drawing is from the same anime as the other post. Hopefully I’ll just draw something original one day.

Multiple Choices

Do you ever get that moment… when you fill out a multiple-choice test… you have repeating answers?!

It drives me CRAZY. Answers 1 – 10: B. That was geometry class last year. I thought–No way this super-smart teacher would trick us like that. I triple-checked my answers and changed them. Next class, I found this out – answers 1 – 10: B. 😲

Now in Algebra II, we have repeating answers. All our tests and quizzes are multiple-choice (my friend complains it’s easy–it is, but not when answer choices repeat or look alike). For example, D, E, D, E, D…

I stare long and hard at my paper. I tell my sister, “You know what, I bet the next answer is B. It better not be E.”

I got B. I checked. I checked again. I checked again that I was so close to the point of insanity that I just left it be (ha, B).

Sorry my post isn’t so… exciting or interesting, but that’s really the only thing that happened to me yesterday.

Random Drawing… and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Hello! I haven’t been posting for how many days–actually, no I think it’s almost been a week! I really meant to post this yesterday, but it was already close to around 1 AM (at least in my time)? I was really tired after completing a take-home test. If it’s a take home-test, I make sure to check my answers and work inside-out, especially if it’s math.

Anyways… I don’t know what to post here. I’ve honestly been so busy that I barely have time to do anything. My chemistry teacher has been absent for most of the school year (and still is), but she just assigned us a study guide (over 300 questions!) to “help us for our finals”. We didn’t even cover everything for chemistry. I still tried though, but you know what happened–she also assigned another review for us to do in case we needed more help. I’ve only done about half the study guide.

For math, no matter what, I take the extra credit because I know I need it. Not only do I have to do the take-home test (which I amazingly finished in maybe 4 hours yesterday), but I also have to do the study guide (which is a lot of questions) for extra credit on our final.

And don’t even get me started on Spanish. I’ve been taking my binder home nearly every day to study, but I never have enough time. Extra credit was offered, but I had to reject it (sadly), because one of the things you could have done is sing. I was just like, “Sure, why not?” But that was before I got a palate expander to get braces. I have a lisp. For every wrong pronunciation, I think I would either have deducted points or no points at all (we had to perform, give Spanish food, and bring a parent; failure to bring any of those would give you absolutely no extra credit). Also, my parents were busy that day. So if I had a lisp or not, I wouldn’t have been able to get those points (those three 100 test grades just flew away!).


Sorry if I sound like I complain a lot, but I’ve been pretty stressed right now. I drew a picture a couple months ago and decided to post it here to make up for the many complaints you just read about.

Just to make sure–the original idea of this character is not mine. The character comes from an anime–Hetalia (if all countries were people…). I loved it so much that I decided to make some sort video game with it. I just have to… draw all the characters I need. It’s not so hard when you draw it like this, but it is since 1) I’m drawing with a cheap program on the computer (but I just found a better one yet it’s still hard), 2) I’m trying to draw with most accuracy I could (none of these characters I mine), which requires looking at several pictures of different versions of the same character, 3) my final exams are coming up very, very soon, and 4) I still have make a plan for the video game.

Anyways, have a great day! 😀


There is always something that

I waste, but it’s not

Money, nor light, nor food.

Even now, I still am.

As you can see, I’m quite extremely bored right now.


“When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”                               ~John Lennon

I didn’t know what to write about (seriously, I need ideas…), but I found a quote online and really liked this one.

When you think about this in the teacher’s point of view, you agree with them. They’re asking what you want as a job. Being happy just means enjoying life, doing anything that ranges to diving in a dumpster (if you’re into that) to having your dream job.

When you think of it deeper, you could really see the meaning behind it. Anything you do in life–absolutely anything–is completely fine as long as you’re happy and the best at it. One of my teachers said that her father said to her, “I don’t care what you do when you grow up. I don’t even care if you’re a waitress! As long as you’re the best darn waitress there is in the world.”

To me, it doesn’t matter what I want to be when I grow up as long as I’m happy. I don’t want to be a doctor or a teacher or a carpenter (wow, that option was completely random) if I’m not happy. Why would I? Every single day of my life would be dreadful. Just opening my eyes would be tiring and gloomy.

What you are when you grow up will never matter as long as you’re happy.