Multiple Choices

Do you ever get that moment… when you fill out a multiple-choice test… you have repeating answers?!

It drives me CRAZY. Answers 1 – 10: B. That was geometry class last year. I thought–No way this super-smart teacher would trick us like that. I triple-checked my answers and changed them. Next class, I found this out – answers 1 – 10: B. 😲

Now in Algebra II, we have repeating answers. All our tests and quizzes are multiple-choice (my friend complains it’s easy–it is, but not when answer choices repeat or look alike). For example, D, E, D, E, D…

I stare long and hard at my paper. I tell my sister, “You know what, I bet the next answer is B. It better not be E.”

I got B. I checked. I checked again. I checked again that I was so close to the point of insanity that I just left it be (ha, B).

Sorry my post isn’t so… exciting or interesting, but that’s really the only thing that happened to me yesterday.