School’s Out!!! …Not

I am so frustrated right now. While everyone is enjoying their summer vacation, my school district of a handful of schools won’t get out until next Thursday. We have finals all week next week, beginning at 9 on Monday, ending at 2 on Thursday. (We have an hour before each final exam to cram, and we get out early 😀 …but that’s probably the few of the great things of the final exam schedule.)

My sister is out. My cousin (in college, so it’s understandable) has been out for at least two weeks. All of my city has finished school. All cities within the southern part of my state… is out.

There is only us–the oddball school promising a better future.

What do I plan to do in summer?

I need to study. I need to do summer reading (usually, it’s three books and assignments; sometimes we even have to watch a movie and do an assignment). I need to go to some summer program that’s supposedly beneficial for me. I might volunteer at the hospital… or the animal shelter… or some other place. My point? Even if it’s summer, I’m still busy, especially by doing history homework.

What are the good things? I get to stay away from school. No more waking up at 6 in the morning, and no more coming home at 5 or 6! I can just put my homework aside for a moment and watch TV or find something worthwhile to do. I can just jump in my pool if it gets hot. I can bike around my neighborhood and feel free. I can stay over at my cousin’s house, play a game of extreme sidewalk (I made that up a while ago; your feet are basically separated wide apart and you end up having to make all these weird poses to get the right foot in the right box and the left foot in the left box), or something like that.

Hopefully I’ll be excited for summer! What’s weird is that I get super excited when my cousin and sister get out for vacation, but when it’s my turn… I just go to sleep. I remember last year, everyone was running and spraying silly string all over the pavilion. I remember walking there, just looking up calmly, thinking about how sad it is that the janitors would have to clean it up. It was even worse when I realized that the janitors, who are also our bus drivers, would have to drive us home (a five minute-trip to about an hour… and the trip back) and come back to our mess. Yeah, that just bummed me out last year. There’s no way I’m taking that route again this year.

Well, whether you’re still in school or not, have a fantastic day 😀 ! (and wish me luck on my finals… especially since the first one would be algebra 😣)

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