It’s finally summer! I’ve been out of school since two o’clock on Thursday, and it was the weirdest and perhaps the scariest day of the school year.

With the seniors gone and lunch coming in two minutes or so, of course someone would pull of a silly stunt that evacuated the entire school for about thirty minutes!

Seriously though, I didn’t eat lunch.

But I did eat chips when I went on the bus! I’m so glad that summer vacation is here, but with all the summer reading and summer homework I have to do, it feels less of a vacation. And with multiple summer programs that are unevenly spaced, I will have less days of vacation and less days to work on the summer homework.

Why do teachers give summer homework? Well, it’s to reinforce knowledge and to make sure that you’re on the right path for the next school year.

Seriously? This summer homework is what’s making a third of my grade–the smallest class in the school–disappear. This summer homework is what makes us stay put instead of out somewhere else. If I knew the summer after seventh grade would be my last summer, I would have spent it a lot more wisely.

I know–a lot of other schools have summer homework. But I don’t see why it’s so important. Instead of spending time with my family and friends, I’ve been stuck in an abyss I call my room where I do homework all school year and all of summer vacation. Instead of having fun and “de-stressing,” as some of my classmates say, the stress just piles on and on and on.

As proof of my stress, I’ve been losing hair since last summer. It stopped for maybe a month, where I was super ahead of my classmates in homework, but I started losing hair again. It’s not healthy. A strand of my hair even turned white freshman year for completing a project in 2 AM since it counted as our final.

Nonetheless, I hope to have fun this summer “vacation”. I do, occasionally, get sidetracked anyway when I’m supposed to be reading and annotating. I even “accidentally” fell in the pool this morning and “accidentally” dragged my sister down with me when she has summer homework too.

Well, have a great summer! Hopefully it’s not going to be as boring as mine. I mean, come on, what’s more boring than doing homework during vacation? At least last summer I had time to volunteer at a hospital (amazing).

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