Summer Reading

Hey! What’s up? I haven’t had much to do this summer as the last one, where I got to do a lot of things and even got to take two of my younger cousins with me on a… long six-hour drive doing history summer homework.

Well, guess what, I have a ton of homework from English. I love literature and English–I really do–but summer reading makes me hate it. For some odd reason, I, a person who doesn’t like reading books, maybe even hating it, have had a natural talent in literature since who know’s how long. I also somewhat match college levels in grammatical structures since I was in seventh grade or even younger.

I do not understand, then, why I am terrible in science when I love science.

What I do know is a super good book when I read one, and trust me, a lot have run by me since I was either forced to read or hooked onto the book for some odd reason. Freshman year was probably the easiest reading assignment–The HobbitOf Mice and Men, and Gifted Hands. The Hobbit: pretty awesome and surprisingly well in the action and suspenseful parts (I don’t usually read, so something like this book really surprised me). Of Mice and Men: some cursing words (okay, maybe a lot), but pretty good and a sad ending with deeper meaning. Gifted Hands: I guess it was okay. Yes… when I read that book, I realized I didn’t really like those types of books that took real-life events… which is why I couldn’t stand books for the next summer.

Jane Eyre, Tuesdays with Morrie, and… a surgery book that I keep forgetting about. Tuesdays with Morrie: the best book for that summer. Plus, I liked that it wasn’t too long nor too short. That surgery book I can’t remember: well, as you can see, if I can’t remember the title, I probably didn’t really remember much from the book. I do, however, remember that 1) it’s hard when you start out as a surgeon, 2) it’s scary when you do your first cut as a surgeon without practice, and 3) sometimes, weird things happen that medicine or science doesn’t know the answer to–yet. Jane Eyre: oh, Jane, what can I say about you? *spoiler alert –>* You decide to go to school because you’re bullied; you go teach because you’re bored; you run away because you realize you were the mistress (literally, I couldn’t stop reading at that point); you’re more excited about the news you have a cousin than inheriting lots of money; your cousin wants you to marry him; you run back to that guy who’s old enough to be your dad to marry him when he’s half-blind…! The list goes on and on. The book is… long. I agree that it could’ve been cut and still have the story, but it wouldn’t have the same feel… It’s amazingly boring in the beginning. I hate books that showcase the boring parts of life. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to feel about the book. The TV show we watched in English class was pretty good though. 😀

Books this summer… Hmm… So far, I’ve been reading The Demon in the Freezer and The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The latter is literally the longest-titled book I have ever read. It begins out pretty well in the prologue. The first section is filled with some boring parts (at least to me) where they explain some parts of the area and weather. I like the way the author explains the hardships of being in a crew, and it is super interesting just learning about the lives of some of the characters in the book (and it is hard to get me interested in someone’s life). So, it’s a pretty OK book so far with its ups and downs. Currently, it’s going up and describing the hardships of going to college during the Great Depression and soon going to the part of the Dust Bowl. The Demon Freezer: it’s good–what else can I say? It’s not your typical medical book like Gifted Hands describing neurosurgery or that title of the book I can’t remember where they describe the impossible cases. It’s a thriller where smallpox takes over and the country is in panic.

So, books–I’m okay with them most of the time, if it’s something I choose. Do I like reading now? No, not really, which is why it’s a challenge to read big books like Jane Eyre. Have I ever read a series? A Series of Unfortunate Events is good, and I read it till the end, although out of order (it really didn’t matter since the author explained what happened before). Have I ever read a book in one day? Hmm… The Lightning Thief, the first book of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and a book about angels and a girl who had anorexia. Do I prefer books or movies? I actually prefer books. It allows you to use your imagination. What is my opinion in summer reading? It’s terrible, but it forces students to read and sometimes analyze (when you annotate), which is essential if teachers plan on hitting the hard topics first and begin questioning the student on quotes from books in the beginning of the year.


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