I finally got to do something besides study, study, work, and study! We went to the beach for about two days, and my sister and I immediately went into the ocean.

Sadly, we couldn’t go any more deeper than a few feet since, for some odd reason, the sand became elevated as you went farther. Anyways, my sister and I had some goggles on, and we looked down and found all these strange holes that reminded me of ant hills.

My sister told me these were from clams.

Clammy was a clam that my sister had about a year ago, but it died after a while. We headed for shore and looked at the other holes. We started digging at one with a shell, but after a couple minutes, the hole disappeared. There was no more clam. It went away somewhere.

We gave up and started swimming. I grab onto the sand to push myself forward since the waves kept pushing me. I stopped though, since I was bored and tired of swimming towards absolutely nothing. So I dug and dug and dug before I swam again.

My sister caught me and said I dug up two clams. I immediately swam away. Why? I have no idea.

Anyways, since there was a random spot where the sand just elevated out of nowhere, my sister and I stood there and then dove into the deeper area. My sister, believing highly in herself, tried to do handstands in the ocean. Is this smart? I have no idea.

She tried, fell, tried again, fell, tried once more, and finally stuck a landing before the wave pushed her down. As for me…? I tried, think I made it, until a wave pushed me, but unlike my sister who just fell down, I flipped over.

My sister and I tried this several times as others just went around us with nets and gear. It wasn’t until later that we realized why they were around us.

“Whoa!” my sister exclaims. “There’s a lot of anchovies! There’s a school of anchovies!!”

I, without my glasses, could not understand what she was pointing at as she took me down. She brought me closer and waved her arms around, but I could see nothing.

We moved a few feet away from that spot, still within the circle of people with gear.

They’re hunting for clams, I think to myself before doing a handstand.

I look at the sand, as I always do, and… slowly… I begin to realize… why people are around us… as a fish… swims… between my arms.

I panic as I get up. “A fish! Fish! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!!!” I scream, not bothering to think about the other people surrounding me.

“What?” my sister asks.

“A fish just– it just– There are anchovies! It swam between my arms!”

“Wait, what?”

I grab my sister and go past the many people as we go farther away from the circle.

So, yeah, my summer’s been fun. How’s yours? I’m going away in a trip that will take at least 6-8 hours, but… it’s not going to be a very fun “vacation”. I’ll be separated from my sister for nine days as she stays 2-4 hours away from me with the comforts of our uncle’s family while I stay alone.

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