Woah! I haven’t been on in… I don’t know–a couple days, weeks? What’s the reason for my absence? I’ve been out in a college for nine days, stayed at the beach for three days, and now I’m in another summer program at my high school… for three days.

But enough about me. I’m here to talk about something random the popped in my head at six in the morning–my sister.

There are so many differences between us that I don’t know how we get along.

My sister’s choice of clothes when she goes to school:
Plaid shirt
Jeans or shorts

Any t-shirt
Possibly a jacket

Her choice of clothes at home:
Muscle shirts
Athletic shirts
Basketball shorts
Sometimes long socks and sneakers

Jogging pants
Any shirt that feels comfortable, even if it’s an old shirt from my parents
Pajamas, even during the day

What she does for fun:
Chase the dog
Force me to bike
Force me to swim
Bathe the dog
Pet the bird
Watch cat videos
Watch TV
Do pull-ups
Play the Kinect
Play the Wii

Write stories
Listen to music
Attempt to play piano

Honestly, my sister is so different from me, but of course there are some similarities like… uh… um… Physically, we both… uh… have black hair and brown eyes–okay, maybe not too many similarities but it’s enough to make life interesting.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great day. Enjoy vacation! (And sorry if you have school… I know my cousin is at school already)

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