You look at the world, and the only thing you see is wealth. All you hear is the dinging of cash registers, the clinking of coins, and the sound of cash being counted by hand. You feel nothing but metal circles and paper rectangles in your hands.

You no longer see people when your eyes are replaced by sparkling diamonds. All you see are not people… but their value. You take solid gold bars, weigh them in your hands, and only want more. You are burdened by the weight you carry in your pockets but still ask for more.

More. You take everything in the world, and every cent belongs to you. The only thing you cannot have, the only thing that will never be yours, is love. You have given up your love for family and friends long ago when you turned towards your love for money.

You may have everything in the world, but it’s cold and lonely at the top. The only thing you’re rich with is–

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