A mirror. A reflection. A glance in the past.


Is it you?

It’s you on the outside in a flipped image.

But is it you on the inside?

Who are you?

A lover, a dreamer, a fighter, a peacemaker, a planner?

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Fall with Grace XD

As my foot hit my backpack I left in my room, I remember time very carefully, very slowly begin to slow.

You’re tripping. You’re tripping, Rocky. Oh my gammit, what do you do? Oh my gammit, my cousin is right – we’re bringing back the “gammit”, I think to myself as I VERY slowly realized I’m falling.

Calm down. Think. Think – what are you always told to do when you fall or trip?

At this thought, I quickly land on my foot and did a small twirl.

Fall with grace or land with dignity.

I don’t move as time catches up to me.

Did I just think that? FALL WITH GRACE OR LAND WITH DIGNITY – when has this ever gone into my mind?


So I went to a supermarket with my cousin and sister one day, and when we were leaving… I was looking straight ahead when I saw…

Legs. I looked higher (I’m kinda short) to see a family all wearing shorts.

“I see a family of legs,” I whisper to myself sister.

“Shh,” my sister says.

“Oh my gosh, they’re tall. The family of legs is also a tall family,” I continue.

Suddenly, the guy at the back turns his head towards us and turns back.

“OMG,” I still whisper. “One of them turned back.”

At this point, I was excited.

“Guy who turned back, turn around again if you could hear me,” I whisper.

The guy quickly turned his head and smiled before turning back.

“Oh my gammit, he heard me, and he turned around,” I whisper to my sister as we turn left and leave the tall family.