Another thing to know about me though you don’t necessarily need to know (and if you haven’t found out about my unusual sense of humor despite the previous posts: wow! I’m amazed!) is that I’m lactose intolerant.

Just kidding!

Just kidding again. I am sort of lactose intolerant, but that’s not the major hush-hush thing I wanted to tell you–yes, you, valuable reader who decided to continue to read.

And because it is… sort of late at night where I’m at, I’ll make this quick so be prepared to blitz read through the rest of this.

  • Keeps journal –> best friend finds it and gets her own page; another person gave it to me when I dropped it… after opening it up
  • Keeps diary with a lock –> little sister breaks it open
  • Keeps another journal –> parents write “and everyone” after I wrote “Rocky” under who it belongs to; another classmate opens it up to read and points at that
  • Keeps a diary with a better lock –> best friend inexplicitly threatens to blame me for ruining our friendship if I don’t open it
  • Keeps a journal with poetry in my bag at my side at ALL TIMES –> little sister (older now) magically has it open in her hands and calls it a diary
  • Cousin makes social media accounts –> mom gets mad
  • Mom manages social media accounts –> friends everyone I don’t know
  • Makes more accounts on websites with new emails and a pseudonym –> absolutely no idea XD

So, that’s not something to necessarily be proud of (but I’m not saying I’m not proud), but my sense of privacy just became way too extreme for anyone to intrude. So, if you’re wondering why the pseudonym–it’s just me wanting a sense of privacy that’s been invaded too much. And if you’re wondering, then why do you even talk about yourself online, well I just thought the idea was great (and it is 😁).

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