So I went to a supermarket with my cousin and sister one day, and when we were leaving… I was looking straight ahead when I saw…

Legs. I looked higher (I’m kinda short) to see a family all wearing shorts.

“I see a family of legs,” I whisper to myself sister.

“Shh,” my sister says.

“Oh my gosh, they’re tall. The family of legs is also a tall family,” I continue.

Suddenly, the guy at the back turns his head towards us and turns back.

“OMG,” I still whisper. “One of them turned back.”

At this point, I was excited.

“Guy who turned back, turn around again if you could hear me,” I whisper.

The guy quickly turned his head and smiled before turning back.

“Oh my gammit, he heard me, and he turned around,” I whisper to my sister as we turn left and leave the tall family.

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