Schedule – Am I Really Up for It?

So, I don’t really spend a lot of time on WordPress anymore… 😦

Plus, I’m a senior in high school, searching for a college, getting college applications ready, finalizing my resume, getting my transcripts, testing and testing and testing, etc.

But–really. There is always something that pulls me back here. I guess it’s because I like to write. Maybe because I like the idea that my thoughts are put into words that are viewable to the world. Whatever the reason is, I need a schedule.

So, if I do go through with this “schedule”, you can expect to see me post maybe 2 – 3 times a week. And… hopefully, I put in some story format post just because I love writing stories or semi-story types of things (I honestly don’t know how to explain it, but when you read one, you just understand it’s like a story) once (at least) a week.

If I do go through this “schedule”, you can expect that most of the posts will be scheduled. Most of them will not be current or written on that day just for the sake of a continuous flow instead of the stop-go-stop-go-stop-stop type of rhythm I do.

Little edit though since I don’t want to put this in another post: I might add “letters”. Quotes on “letters” since I didn’t really expect to post them anywhere, so most of these pre-written letters can come off as cruel (but that’s just the way I write with pen and paper). Also, most of these letters are addressed to random groups of people. For example, I think I put to the teen, to the reader, to the blah, blah, blah. Really, whoever I’m “addressing” is usually a general population. Also, I will be writing exactly what I put in the letters, so pardon the grammar mistakes and run-on sentences. Plus, all of what I write as “letters” are little things I wrote on an actual notebook, meaning I’m more personal, thoughtful, and emotional when I wrote it. Plus-plus, the format that I write these “letters” in aren’t exactly the normal formal types of letters. They’re more like diary entries, I guess.

Another edit (oh no, this is turning out longer than I thought) – I thought that I would have enough time to think of enough ideas if I’m scheduling things, and apparently, I don’t. Why, well, I’ll save that for another time. Right now, I’m making this edit to explain that I might write random stories that might not seem to make sense if you don’t know the background to them. You see, I imagined up this whole world where people have magic and powers, and there’s kingdoms and princes and princesses… You know, a bunch of fairytale stuff. I made that when I was about nine years old. Then junior high hit and the world became slightly darker with actual purpose. Then high school came crashing down on my world, and it’s a bit… dark. But, yeah, fairytales and magic and all that good stuff. (This is actually the simplest explanation I’ve given for almost anything.) That being said, I might actually post stuff that I wrote from a long time ago (sixth grade or younger) to a bit more recently but still in the past (like two months ago).

Hope I do though. XD

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