Perfection. Everything has to be perfect. Perfect body. Perfect mind. Perfect life. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

But what is perfect?

Is perfect skinny, muscular, curvy? Is perfect smart, fluent, skilled? Is perfect marriage, kids, money?

Perfect is like the souvenir stones from the Grand Canyon.

Beautiful and flawed.

It is dull with cracks and different colors. It is an irregular shape with some jagged edges. It is rough and hard.

But it shines in the sun. It is smooth in some aspects. It is light and beautiful and perfect.

Perfection is beautiful and flawed, because without a flaw, it’s just flawless. That’s not perfection; that’s obsession to be an impossible image. Perfection has flaws because without flaws, what is there to compare to beauty? Perfection is harmony, balance, and peace.

Perfection has equal parts of beauty and equal parts of flaws.

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