It was that way for millions of years. Always, they stayed on the other side. Always, they weren’t allowed to cross. Always, they remained at a certain distance.

They were monsters, beasts. Ugly beings that slowly kill you, hideous creatures that draw away and shrink from the light. On the opposite side of the bridge, they remained.

The bridge between good and evil was heavily guarded by lanterns, assuring a barrier between good and evil with eternal brightness.

But then a light flickered off.

For millenia, not a thing had been heard of. There was no precedent to follow, no guidelines to adhere to, no plan to execute.

So I walked to the bridge. There was nothing to blame but my curiosity. It was there, a single step forward, that I saw the monster staring at me.

But it wasn’t like the stories.

The monster looked like me, reflected me, did what I did, and moved how I moved.

Without words, the two of us took a step forward.

The other people of light stood behind me, too dumbfounded and shocked to speak. On the other side, I saw black mist taking form into actual people, reflecting the crowd behind me.

And then the two of us took another step forward.

The crowds behind us lingered closer.

And then the two of us extended our arms, waiting for the other to take hold.

I grabbed its hand, my fingers interlacing with its fingers.

In a brief moment, I felt a burning sensation. For a moment, I saw death and evil. I saw anger and sadness. I saw all these things so new to me that I didn’t know what to call them.

When the visions cleared, the monster no longer stood before me. The crowd gasped when I turned back to them.

In front of me, on the floor, was the monster, following and mimicking my every move.

“Evil,” they whispered, their eyes following the black darkness pinned to my feet in the exact same shape as me.

“Not evil,” I replied.

The crowd looked at me, confused by my smile. Then, just as I did, they took a step forward and so did the monsters. And just like me, their hands interlaced, and visions of darkness flashed in their minds, shocking them into reality, allowing them to see the true colors of the world and not just black and white. Like me, they realized death, sadness, and anger.

And like me, the world became clear to them. Thousands of lies uncovered, thousands of mysteries solved, thousands of thousands of lives realized.

Because, like me, they needed evil monsters and good angels at their side to see the good and the bad, to see the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, charity and thievery, corruption and honesty. Because we are –


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