I am like an invisible mist, flying through the world, inhaled by people, swatted at by people, but I’m not mist. I’m more of a ghost who can possess people and take over them, make them do what I want.

I’m always there in huge presentations or meetings. I’m there at wars. At peace talks. At cities, buildings, and homes. I’m in relationships. I’m in the strong and the mean.

I love to watch from a distance while I possess a person or a group of people. I love to watch it when they fall and trip over because of me. I love it when they regret things. I love it when they are angry and break off relationships and start wars instead of peace.

Did you figure out who I am?

Am I inside of you?

Am I controlling you?

Have you fallen yet? I’ve been watching you for a while now. You can fall over already, become a collapsing building – that’s always a sight.

Do you see me? Can you hear me? Can you feel me in the air?

Or are you too proud to admit that you’ve been a victim of pride?

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