A deal set for years

In a castle long ago.

A princess waiting

For her promised flaming love,

A handsome, dashing young prince.

For years he waited.

The day had finally come

To meet the princess,

A beautiful, lovely girl

With a fortune to save him.

When he had arrived,

She ran down the steps with love,

A fire in her heart,

To embrace her new husband.

He gave her a golden ring.

The two, now wed, laid

In bed, a fire between them.

Since their love was fire,

The new queen did not notice

Her king locking the door shut.

Because love is fire,

The lovestruck did not notice

The fire in her room.

Burning love muted it all.

The queen’s mind was far away.

Because fire is love,

The thief did not regret it,

But he cried anyway

Because he truly loved her

But loved money even more.

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