Dearest mourner

November 22, 2016


Dearest mourner,

 It hurts. I know. It feels like the entire world should be mourning with you. It feels like anyone’s happiness is a personal insults.

You feel weak because you cry, because you think of them at random times, because you miss them.

It becomes hard to say, “Good morning” when you’re mourning since your world has collapsed.

Your system is gone.

You think of what you could’ve done or should’ve done. But take it from what one of my teachers, one who suffered [two] deaths for two years back-to-back, you shouldn’t be thinking about that. You should be thinking of what you did. and you shouldn’t have regrets. Always be good to someone.

Mourner, remember that you had good memories with those who passed and that it is because of your love for them that you cry.

Don’t you dare feel weak.

And don’t think someone’s death is worth more than another. You could cry for days for a pet you loved, and you could cry once for that family member you never knew you had.

Don’t think you mourned too short, and don’t think your mourned too long. Different people need a different amount of time.

Don’t stop your tears when you need to cry. Just remind yourself that better days are soon to come.

Mourner, remember the good and don’t mind the bad. Don’t lose hope in life. You have had better days, and more are yet to come.


R. A.

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