School. It’s weird. They prep you in a building since you were four – sometimes three – for what? A future?

They get you ready for the future by teaching you how to read. How to write. How to pee. How to socialize. They command and dictate every small thing you do. You have no freedom to choose what to learn: you will learn the alphabet; you will learn algebra; you will learn to deconstruct and analyze a piece of rhetoric; you will learn to write a research paper.

And when you ask them, “Why?” They will stare at you like you’re a moron and repeat – “Why?” – to mock you. They will say you must learn because you must prepare for the future.

You have no choice.

The future. I wonder what they would say then if you ask, “Do you know my future?”

Because the truth is – you never know your future, let alone someone else’s future.

So why is it that we must learn?

If “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,” then what makes it believable that you can lead a child to education, and you can make the child learn?

Because you can’t.

But you try it – no, you force it on a child.

Sure. A child has a natural desire to learn, but did you know school stifles it? That is one of the reasons why teenagers, or at least myself at times, lose interest in learning – they’re tired of being forced to learn.

So? So? School is jail.

Don’t say it’s not. Just in jail, you are forced to stay in a building in school against your will –

But for what reason?

At least in jail, you are given a reason – a crime, perchance, or a small violation – but in school? For your future?

School shouldn’t determine your future.

Jobs shouldn’t determine your lifestyle.

Grades shouldn’t determine your school.

But it does.

Aren’t there different kinds of education, intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses? Why is there only academic education? Academic intelligence. Academic strengths. Academic weaknesses.

Why isn’t there something more? Whatever happened to creativity? Where is the emotion and compassion a child needs in a school? All I see are grades – plain numbers.

And simple numbers shouldn’t determine your complex life, right?

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