It turns out I was young.

It turns out I was naïve.

Many called me dumb,

And for many years, I was.


Because in all those years,

I thought my ideas were trash.

Everything ended in tears,

Until one person said, “Enthusiasm.”

“Enthusiasm,” one person said,

“Is what you have, dear child.”

Dumb echoes in my head,

Yet this person believed in me.


Enthusiasm described me.

I liked to draw, to act, to code,

And all these filled me with glee.

Enthusiasm is what I had.


My ideas turned to masterpieces.

My creations made others smile.

All this because of one person who teaches

Everything that made me believe.


Yes, I agree I am young.

Sure, I’m a bit naïve, since I couldn’t fathom

That I wasn’t dumb.

I just had tons of enthusiasm.


And only one person had to believe.


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