This message is for the people

Who think they were forgotten

Because if I had ever been without them,

I would be stuck in a deep hole.

So to them, I thank with all my soul.


But first, I’ll be specific and obvious.

I’d like to thank my mother,

Who has always loved me like no other.

For teaching my sister and I lessons – various –

But all the while leading success to us.


The next is for my father.

I’m grateful for his patience

Though I’ve always been a nuisance.

For him, it wasn’t a real bother.

Because of him, I’ve grown stronger.


Now I thank my grandparents

In both the Philippines and here

Since they tell me live with no fear

And have always given me reassurance.

They taught me perseverance.


Finally I’d like to thank all those

Who’ve cared for me lovingly

And have loved me endlessly.

All I can do is offer you an imaginary rose

Though it’s not enough for teaching me all I know.


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