See that picture in this post?

speed (2).png
“The Average Student Worker Human Being”

That’s basically me. 😆 Of course, I can’t really drive yet (who knows how I’ll keep track of my keys), but that’s basically me. It seems that with every passing day, more and more stress seems to come at me, challenging me to reach my limit.

And of course we’re taught that stress is bad.

But stress can be good. Depending on the way you look at the situation, of course. Everything is based on your mindset. Well, that’s what my school taught me, not because I learned it the hard way but because I had a class lecture on the positive side of stress. Speaking of school and learning about stress through classes, I remember in my freshman year of school for PE (not really, we just learned about how to take care of ourselves since we’re a medical-oriented school and not one that has sports), we learned about good stress (eustress) and bad stress (distress).

So, to change your mind about all your distress, think about it like… “What I am doing or what I am thinking does cause stress, but my body is only becoming stressed to help push me forward in my current situation.”

And it really does. That’s not a lie. I could talk more about how stress can help you, but in order to keep this post short and to-the-point, I’ll stop for now.

Have a good day!

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