Dear Rocky

The following is a letter I wrote to myself in the beginning of senior year, which was meant to be given back to us on the last day of our English class.

Dear Rocky,

By the time you get this letter, you must be bored of school, tired of school, and exhausted of socializing. Hopefully you have enough willpower to continue reading this (written in August 23, 2016 [first English class]). If not, then sorry.

Also, if you do want to read something and are expecting great memorable words, too bad. If you really want to read a good letter with you thinking, try… [your other notebook]. So, again, sorry, I have – honestly – nothing to say to you, future Rocky, except grow up, get a life, and graduate. Push through these final days of high school, because – guess what? – this is just a cruel wake up call. You have bigger, more important things to think about: college, money, R. – your cousin and potential roomie – your apartment, your driving, your need for a job, your goal setting! Oh, by the way, I hope you did follow through that goal you set three weeks before school started. If you did, congrats, and high-five. If not, then, well, that’s disappointing.

It seems people are still writing. I wonder what they have to say. Honestly, yes, I’m still writing because my length is disgusting [in comparison to my classmates]. Also, I’m writing in cursive to disguise these ugly thoughts I’m writing called reality.

If you’re the Rocky I know, then you won’t like reading this, but you are 100% thankful for this necessary though hurtful reminder.


Your Wake-Up Call

So, I actually wanted to post this on the last day of school because I haven’t been posting in a while now. 😂 But even on the last day of school, a lot of stuff came up. Hopefully now I’ll be able to keep up. 😁

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