Writing on Paper

Maybe it’s because I can see the words forming in front of me. Maybe it’s the feeling of being in control. Maybe it’s the sound my pen or pencil makes on paper – the look and feel of a long paragraph.

Or maybe the words flowed better. Or maybe it felt like I had more work done when my hand began to hurt from writing so much. Or maybe I just liked writing.

Writing anything paper-and-pen felt better to me, but it was slower. Even with typing, I could barely keep up with my ideas.

But after typing two manuscripts and reading through some of both, I realized I had stuff missing compared to those half-fulfilled handwritten drafts.

The words and the scenes didn’t flow well. The paragraphs felt smaller. Most of it was dialogue. But when I write on paper, everything seems to fit. It even feels like I can think longer and more creatively as I write

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