A Brief Announcement 😶

Hey, guys. For those of you already following me, thanks a bunch, especially for continuing to read my posts (which I know can be pretty long). For those of you reading this post as the first time ever reading one of mine, this really is just a brief announcement. 😆

So, for my followers, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting in a while even though I said a few posts earlier that I would hopefully post more (like, every single day – I know, right? crazy~). I have multiple reasons.

Reason 1: My family from another country came to visit and stayed for three weeks. THREE WEEKS. And I never saw them any other time except twice in my life: last year and about thirteen to fourteen years ago.

Reason 2: I spontaneously challenged myself (cuz that’s what you do when you get bored) to finish writing a book (of a minimum of 50,000 words) in two weeks (why do I keep making unreasonable deadlines for myself?). I started on June 29, so basically, if you later read a post about a happy me, then I did it. I actually accomplished an unreasonable goal. So, yeah, I’ve been busy with writing, typing, and planning (even though there’s no more plan for that).

Reason 3: I’m just plain lazy.

BUT. I’m supposed to post more often (oh, look, another goal I most likely won’t be able to keep). Probably three times a week.

Thanks for reading my post that is quite extremely random! 😜


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