Dear son

July 10, 2017


Dear son,

Let me give you some advice.

Your grandfather and grandmother on my side of the family love you dearly, but they have high expectations, especially for the son of their oldest child.

And, no, it’s not all academic.

They want you to be strong and brave. They want you to help them with chores and visit. They want you to be able to focus on your studies and still find a way to be creative or at least hone your talent(s).

And they most likely want you in the medical field, [of course].

What do I want from and for you?

Hard work in everything you do – a hobby, a sport, a class you hate, a project you hate, anything, and everything.

I care that you help out at home as long as you’re not too clumsy. Don’t be messy unless it’s for a project. Be productive on the weekends.

Don’t ignore your dad or me. And don’t ignore your girlfriend because that’s a good way to lose her. Don’t mistreat your siblings – they’re your friends for life. Don’t abuse your wife and your children in any way, shape, or form. Don’t mock your teachers because they’re your parents at school.

When you get a job, just make sure you’re happy.

Your mom,



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