Hey-o. It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on WordPress, but to be honest, my mind has been geared towards storywriting lately when I went back to my Wattpad account and saw one of my (many) unfinished stories and came across one that just needs to be finished.

The thing is, I’ve been so geared towards writing to please a specific audience that I forgot how it is to write for fun or to write and experiment different styles, different points of view, different characters. And yes, I know I can pretty wordy at times, but that helps when I try to describe setting. So, I guess when I was writing that story I somehow dropped two years ago, I decided to go for short phrases and paragraphs to cut out all my wordiness. And the result is–amazing (to me, of course–I don’t know about other people, but rereading what I wrote with a fresh mind was exciting).

So the following is a description of the story (I am so sorry for the shameless promotion):

“I wish it hadn’t come to this,” he says, pointing his sword at me.

“I wish I had no choice. It would have made this easier,” I say looking up at him as I am now helplessly cornered.

I see him flinch, and I can tell he’s letting his defense down–I have three seconds to strike.

“What choice?” he asks.

Two seconds left.

“It was death…” I mutter, taking a whole second to say that.

One second left. He waits patiently.

“Or freedom!”

I grab my sword from the ground before that one second is up.

Jane is a girl with amnesia and is obsessed with numbers. She has spent six years in a building she doesn’t know about. She was found in a forest when she was seven. She is sent to a new town where she learns that who she is just a monster after discovering someone she wished she didn’t know. Jane is forced to fight as an ultimate weapon, to be a double agent, and tear the opposing system inside-out to prevent a war that will kill everyone in the world. But the person she finds on the opposing side isn’t just anybody. But she needs to ruin them for peace and for her freedom.

So, did you like it? 😀

(You can find the work in progress here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/18485075-freedom)


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