Th y s y I m  rok n. T ey  ay I wi l n ever be p iz d bec use  f wh I am. I  m w ste. Garb ge. T ash.

I  m sc rs  nd bro  n pi ces. O ly a fr  tion  f a p rs n.  ’m n t w rthy to st nd b for  o hers.

A d to  hem I  ay ok y.  ut at  east I  m n t th m, wh  see t ems lves ab ve  thers, who bel  ve s me   re  ess t an hum n. Th y th mse ves  re  he m nst rs. It  s t ey  ho a e…


They say I’m broken. They say I will never be prized because of who I am. I am waste. Garbage. Trash.

I am scars and broken pieces. Only a fraction of a person. I’m not worthy to stand before others.

Is what they say.

And to them I say okay. But at least I am not them, who see themselves above others, who believe some are less than human. They themselves are the monsters. It is they who are…

In  m le e.

Yeah… I used a different font so the spacing is all the same, but some of the words get broken up in the first part. Oh well. 😅


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