Random Comic 😜 and a Little Something Else 😁

So, I was going through ideas for what to post here since it’s really been a while. Then I come up with this great idea to make a comic and post every week or something because that’s easy, right – a comic? Just maybe three or four panels of drawing some stuff, adding dialogue, maybe some action.

HA. Haha.

Making the draft by hand was fun and honestly not a lot of work. But using a drawing board… plus coloring even though there are only three main colors was… difficult for me, I guess. So, I may or may not keep doing these. I already had another thing drawn out by hand as a draft anyway.

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A Drawing

Yes, I know I have no creativity when I make titles. XD

I didn’t know what to post today, so…


TA DA!!! I just finished this a couple days ago. And yes, this drawing is from the same anime as the other post. Hopefully I’ll just draw something original one day.

Random Drawing… and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Hello! I haven’t been posting for how many days–actually, no I think it’s almost been a week! I really meant to post this yesterday, but it was already close to around 1 AM (at least in my time)? I was really tired after completing a take-home test. If it’s a take home-test, I make sure to check my answers and work inside-out, especially if it’s math.

Anyways… I don’t know what to post here. I’ve honestly been so busy that I barely have time to do anything. My chemistry teacher has been absent for most of the school year (and still is), but she just assigned us a study guide (over 300 questions!) to “help us for our finals”. We didn’t even cover everything for chemistry. I still tried though, but you know what happened–she also assigned another review for us to do in case we needed more help. I’ve only done about half the study guide.

For math, no matter what, I take the extra credit because I know I need it. Not only do I have to do the take-home test (which I amazingly finished in maybe 4 hours yesterday), but I also have to do the study guide (which is a lot of questions) for extra credit on our final.

And don’t even get me started on Spanish. I’ve been taking my binder home nearly every day to study, but I never have enough time. Extra credit was offered, but I had to reject it (sadly), because one of the things you could have done is sing. I was just like, “Sure, why not?” But that was before I got a palate expander to get braces. I have a lisp. For every wrong pronunciation, I think I would either have deducted points or no points at all (we had to perform, give Spanish food, and bring a parent; failure to bring any of those would give you absolutely no extra credit). Also, my parents were busy that day. So if I had a lisp or not, I wouldn’t have been able to get those points (those three 100 test grades just flew away!).


Sorry if I sound like I complain a lot, but I’ve been pretty stressed right now. I drew a picture a couple months ago and decided to post it here to make up for the many complaints you just read about.

Just to make sure–the original idea of this character is not mine. The character comes from an anime–Hetalia (if all countries were people…). I loved it so much that I decided to make some sort video game with it. I just have to… draw all the characters I need. It’s not so hard when you draw it like this, but it is since 1) I’m drawing with a cheap program on the computer (but I just found a better one yet it’s still hard), 2) I’m trying to draw with most accuracy I could (none of these characters I mine), which requires looking at several pictures of different versions of the same character, 3) my final exams are coming up very, very soon, and 4) I still have make a plan for the video game.

Anyways, have a great day! 😀

Happy Late Easter!! :D


I’m not much of an artist or a blogger, but I drew this on Easter and forgot to post this. This drawing is so messed up since the pens kept smearing, and I lost the color pencils I’m used to.

Sorry I’m not posting as much anymore. I’m trying to catch up on school.