So, I haven’t been posting in a long time, and I’m sorry. 😣 I’ve just had so much to do for a few weeks now. Like learning to drive in a new city, learning to live by myself, learning to take care of a living being (my dog ❤️️), learning to take care of a plant (and I haven’t been doing well on that one), learning to time manage, and learning to just… adult. And go to college with good grades to maintain my scholarship (yeah, I need help in this one).

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No words can express how much the number 64 means to me.

It was 2007. I was eight years old, and my cousin was in middle school. The school bus dropped her off at my house since the apartment she lived in was too far away. She often did her homework at my house, and we would play afterwards until her mom came from work to pick her up.

Our grandfather from the Philippines was visiting us in America.

I remember my cousin struggling over her math homework in the living room, bright sunlight flooding the room.

“What’s 8 times 8?” she asked, struggling because she could not remember the answer.

“Uh,” was all I could say before I rushed away in search of a calculator.

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My Second Year On WordPress!

So it’s been a while since I posted, but for some reason, I decided to check up on this and actually post something. I saw a notification and realized… I registered two years ago on WordPress ON THIS DAY.

I mean, it was completely coincidental. Two years ago, I was bored. Two years later in the present, I was… bored.

I don’t really know what happened on my “one-year anniversary” with WordPress, but… here I am.

Over the two years here, I’ve posted a bunch of stuff. Yes, stuff – a bunch of quite extremely random stuff. So hopefully, I end up putting more stuff. Much more random stuff. 😜

Thank you so much to the people who read my posts, which can either be pretty short or super long. 😁


Love is a weird thing.

To love and to be loved are both different things tied only by name.

To love is throwing yourself at another’s feet, giving up yourself completely, trusting that person to handle you well. To love is sacrificing everything for that person. It is to dedicate yourself to that person so much that everything you do is for them, for that one special person, because all your world becomes that one person.

To be loved is to trust completely in another so that the heart can open and accept love. To be loved is accepting someone and also removing the mask you hide behind, revealing yourself to someone. It is to receive and accept the love given to you by that one special person who means the world to you.

Love requires both of these things of either person in a relationship.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to be loved.


See that picture in this post?

speed (2).png
“The Average Student Worker Human Being”

That’s basically me. 😆 Of course, I can’t really drive yet (who knows how I’ll keep track of my keys), but that’s basically me. It seems that with every passing day, more and more stress seems to come at me, challenging me to reach my limit.

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