Random Question 3!

This was a pretty good question, but I kind of already answered it.

If you could give one piece of advice to the whole world, what would it be? (from http://www.conversationstarters.com/generator.php)

Well, I made a post that was basically my advice to the world on my blog one time… It was the Nothing is More one. I mean, seriously–why do people try climbing the top so much?

Those things I mentioned in that post were all from elementary and middle school, but guess what–it’s exactly the same in high school. I could only assume it’s the same for all of life.

People who started out as nobodies feel terrible, like they’re purposely being forgotten by others, as if no one wants to pay attention to them. The bullied and abused feel pain that never ends, day and night, awake and sleeping. And so on and so forth.

People who are at the top of the messed-up social hierarchy of this world are not always snobby or mean, but the gossip they could spread is so suffocating, and it feels like all they say are just stories. why not make your own mistakes for once and see how you feel when others gossip about you? The top is lonely and empty, and those who have been there their whole lives don’t seem to notice since they’re so used to it. They enjoy crushing people, watching them fall into a deadly pit, and they won’t care a bit.

I’m someone who’s seen both sides of the story.

People at the top–I used to think them as snobs, but then I became one. Was I a snob?–I asked myself that question one time when I was at the top, and guess what? I kind of was. I left everything from my past, the silent, honest, innocent life, to become what, a gossiping, conniving, terrible person?

My life felt emptier than when I was the nobody. I had all the attention in the world, and everyone loved me. I had all the happiness and joy I could ever have as I spoiled myself as I took advantage of others. I had all the enjoyment in the world as I constantly bullied someone I would never have dreamed of bullying when I was a nobody. I could do anything and everything, but life was empty.

Being a bully made me feel worse. Being a snob made me realize who I had become. Being a gossiper made me feel guilty, and guilt pierced into my heart with every word of gossip I spread as I watched those who suffered.

I went back to being the nobody, expecting emptiness once again, but instead, I found happiness, but this time, it was pure happiness. I expected to remain a nobody and run away from everyone as I reverted back to my old self, but some of the people at the top–the ones who felt the same way as me–still paid attention to me, but they wouldn’t dare step down from their golden throne to some dump. I got new friends too; I got a lot more real friends than when I was at the top.

So my advice to you, world, is this: If you have to be someone, don’t be at the top as the bully, but don’t be the nobody who runs away. Be the somebody, the happy somebody who makes friends with the nobodies and who says no to the bullying. Be the somebody who makes the difference and be different. Be the somebody who doesn’t fit any one single social label so that you could break through the social system. Forget about being on the top and think about my words and my experiences up there. Enjoy life even if you’re at the bottom. Be happy if you’re already somebody.

Oh, world, one more thing? Nothing is more. Remember those three words, and you’ll be able to glide through life just fine.


Random Question 2!

Hey! I just realized that I never explained why I’m posting random questions. Well, you see, life… is not always exciting, and I’m in school a lot too, so… Well, I’ve been answering a bunch of random questions I find on the Internet when I’m  bored or have free time. Then, I either post these right away or schedule it. Hopefully they’re entertaining? Plus, this is Quite Extremely Random.

Would you rather be stuck in a house with someone you hate or be stuck in a house alone? (a question from http://www.conversationstarters.com/generator.php [I know, I’m quite extremely bored right now])

If I was stuck with someone I hate in a house, I would probably ignore them. So, it wouldn’t make much of a difference of whether or not the person I hate is in the same house with me or not. Being alone allows me to listen to silence, reflect, and clear my mind. But…

I would be stuck in a house with someone I hate because I can’t stand silence. I’d rather hear harsh words than the cruel deafening noise of silence. Silence and solitude compounded with a vivid imagination equals fearful, long hours.

I’m not much of a person who hates anyone anyway. And if I do hate someone, I have enough tolerance to withstand them.

Random Question!

Question #100 according to http://www.cfcl.com/vlb/Memes/Questionaires/random_1.html

What inspires you?

It really depends.

Hmm… Well, a bunch of things inspire me. Movies, TV shows, books, life, nature, pictures, sometimes even history… I don’t know what else is inspiring.

Well, a long time ago, when I was nine, I do remember a particular dream that set that spark in my head. It was a dream where I was a princess living in a tower. I wasn’t some average girly princess like in Disney movies (please, no), but I was a princess with magical powers. I don’t know where my parents or my sister were, so it was kind of lonely. It was a lot of fun though. That tower was powered by imagination, where the sky was the limit–actually, the tower was so tall, it went beyond the earth’s atmosphere and into outer space! Every room you can imagine was in that tower.

The second I woke up, I created that dream into some role-playing game that I let my little sister play with me. We’ve had so many magical adventures, fights, and tragedies.

I even made up a part where my sister had a twin brother. The two of them were the closest siblings you could ever imagine, but one day, when my sister stopped playing with me, I got upset and messed things up for “her twin brother”.

I made him lose an eye and an arm, but eventually, after some thought, I let him bionic replacements. He became the commander of a military when he was 10, after his considerable contributions to ending the war of a kingdom.

Sorry, I’m ranting. Back to the question?

A lot of what I write (stories that I never finish writing but finish thinking about) seem to end tragically or something like that. The way I write is kind of tragic as well. I just like tragic things–in a way, I feel they’re more realistic than fairy tale stories and better than life stories that feature all the happiness (don’t get me wrong, I write about things like that too). Stories that have siblings ripped apart, hearts broken, lives torn, wars created, forbidden love, death traps, haunting ghosts, murderers who are secretly kind, doing evil for the good–those are the types of stories I write. I also like opposing ideas (I think that’s what it’s called?), like with the kind murderer, evil for good, and secretly good type of thing. It’s also fun when you develop a character and make them rise through all their pain and faults and occasionally make them fall down in a deeper pit anyway yet grow stronger–I guess I relate better to characters like that.