A Gentleman’s C

Recently my philosophy teacher gave us a lecture not so much on philosophy (besides that one morning on his lecture about taxes, this was new for us). He talked about the importance of liberal arts and asked us if we knew why we were taking philosophy, which is a liberal art.

He explained that, at least in the United States, many of the older colleges – Ivy League colleges now – started teaching liberal arts in order to have well-rounded students. They knew that their students would become great influential people in the future. Most of the recent presidents, in fact, were from Ivy League schools.

And then we got to talking about the gentleman’s C.

I thought he said gentlemancy or some made-up word like that.

He told us that he didn’t expect an A from every one of us and that if we did get an A in every class, we were doing something wrong.

Because college is supposed to be about exploring your options, making new friends, experiencing new stuff, etc. He even got to the point that he explained how some colleges don’t even have police. (My professor grew up in Canada and said that the US colleges surprised him with all the rules and even in-campus police departments) He said that growing up, you were taught rules, but in college, there were no (enforced) rules. We were supposed to break rules and learn why those rules are needed.

But back to the point – a gentleman’s C.

He said that if you had a C, it was because you at least read through the material of a class and had a basic understanding of it. And with this basic understanding, you’d be able to talk about the subject with other… gentlemen. But he added that it was OK not to ace all your classes because you also need time to relax, play sports, party, etc. – AND THAT IS OK because it’s all part of the college experience.

So for those of you in college, relax. 😉

(but for those of you like me that still strive for high grades, good luck 😄)


Original Character!

I made this list up to help me out with my OC developing so feel free to use it as well! If you wanna join me just tag your stuff #GTKYOC so I can take a peek : ^ ) (might make a blog later and reblog all the stuff in the tag!!) Feel free to add onto...

Hi, everyone! 😀 I recently found this ^^^ from tumblr (unfortunately, I don’t have one, and even more unfortunately, I’m too lazy to make one).

Like I mentioned before somewhere in a deep dark abyss, I might be posting drawings because it’s simple and quick. So, here it is for the first one:




I may end up posting drawings once a week… hopefully. (Sorry for the low-quality pictures, guys! I’m currently away from home and don’t have reliable internet nor good lighting.)

Living Alone

Let me talk about living alone for a second.

I’m eighteen. I’ve lived not only with my parents and my sister but also my grandparents – that’s six of us in the same house plus dogs (usually at least two) and some noisy birds (plus an occasional fish). I only cooked for myself a few times but stopped when my younger sister started cooking enough for the both of us. When we were younger and our parents were away, our grandparents would cook for us.

I never really did chores except taking out the trash, cleaning the pool, bathing the dogs, and washing the car when I was a kid. As a teenager, my high school life consumed me. I was barely functioning. My parents became busier, and my grandparents cooked less, so much of my food comprised of fast food (I used to eat fries every time before going to karate practice).

So, as an “adult” living in an apartment all to herself with just a dog for company, a lot of stuff changed.

I had to take out my own trash, which was no big deal for me. I had to drive myself to school, which is only a five to seven minute drive. I had to take out the dog, who was thankfully potty-trained.

But I had to cook for myself. I had to drive from my college’s city to my family home in another city every weekend on an special days, such as birthdays (four birthdays in September all in the same week consumed nearly all my gas).

Cooking was a near disaster, and right now, I’ve resorted to drinking protein shakes in the morning so I wouldn’t cook. Driving is okay, but there have been many instances when I was caught in traffic or scared for my life with speeding cars and cars cutting in front of me without signaling they were changing lanes.

And waking up is one of the hardest things, but thankfully, my dog starts running when he hears my alarm to make sure I get out of bed to take him out.

So, that’s living alone for me. 😂


Hey, everyone! Haven’t been here in a while because of so much school and other stuff going on. (But yet whenever there’s some high-stress event coming up, like my research project, I end up here)

I’ve actually been thinking of what to put here. Because there’s not a whole lot of time to just… think now that I’m in college. When I was in high school, there was a thirty-minute bus ride to and from school, so there was time. But now? Now I’m an adult (or at least that’s what people say I am), so I have to drive myself, cook for myself, and do a whole lot of stuff for myself (and my dog).

So stuff you might end up seeing a lot from here on out:

  • college life (complaining mostly)
  • living alone (did I forget to mention I live on my own on weekdays?)
  • drawings (because these are quick)
  • more letters (when I have time)
  • maybe more Daily Post prompts
  • poems (rarely because I usually think these through for a long time)

So… that’s it for this update. Sorry for the long absence. I’ll try to draft some posts and schedule them. 😊

So, I haven’t been posting in a long time, and I’m sorry. 😣 I’ve just had so much to do for a few weeks now. Like learning to drive in a new city, learning to live by myself, learning to take care of a living being (my dog ❤️️), learning to take care of a plant (and I haven’t been doing well on that one), learning to time manage, and learning to just… adult. And go to college with good grades to maintain my scholarship (yeah, I need help in this one).

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No words can express how much the number 64 means to me.

It was 2007. I was eight years old, and my cousin was in middle school. The school bus dropped her off at my house since the apartment she lived in was too far away. She often did her homework at my house, and we would play afterwards until her mom came from work to pick her up.

Our grandfather from the Philippines was visiting us in America.

I remember my cousin struggling over her math homework in the living room, bright sunlight flooding the room.

“What’s 8 times 8?” she asked, struggling because she could not remember the answer.

“Uh,” was all I could say before I rushed away in search of a calculator.

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It was as if she was under a trance,

Holding the knife just above him,

Eyeing the target even if the lights were dim

With such aim and a perfect chance

To end everything in this one stance.


But something held her back

As she held the knife over his heart.

She was starting to come apart.

His life was the object of the attack.

Her motivation was payback.


What held her back was the love

They once shared though it disappeared.

This delay in murder was what she feared,

But once she remembered what he was devoid of,

She made sure he was disposed of.